Conveniencing our Inconveniences

As part of our Silver Jubilee fundraising campaign we aimed to raise £25K for 25 years and to develop our farm facilities for the next milestone anniversary.  With lots of support, grants and donations we are now the very proud owners of new loos at Snakehall Farm.

New Toilet block


Our new accessible toilet block is testimony to our organisational ethics, it’s up-cycled! We found a second hand Olympic Park welfare unit and planted it on Snakehall Farm. This lovely toilet unit has male, female and disabled access rooms as well as a new Welfare and First Aid Room.  The toilet block was funded by The Frank Litchfield Foundation, Bailey Thomas, Pye Foundation, Selwyn College Cambridge and The Mitcham Trust as well as lots and lots of public donations in our “Spend  a Penny and Make Us Flush” coin collection jars.


The Wolfson Foundation Logo

The Wolfson Foundation supported our project further with a grant of up to £10,000 which we have used to do all the groundworks, site landscaping, conversion work of the toilet block including the new First Aid Room and decoration. The funding has also enabled us to link the Farm Tea Barn and Offices to the new Toilet Block with a bespoke canopied walkway, with wheelchair accessible ramp and hand rails.  Our Co-workers will now be busy planting up this new area and trellises with flowering herbs and plants to help us make this a real horticultural haven.