Meet the Chickens

Our feathered flock of egg laying ladies really enjoy their new found freedom of the farm, mostly ex-battery hens we gave them all a new lease of life and now they repay us with lots of lovely eggs.  The hen house was our first charity HQ, a 1960s caravan, demonstrating our organisational growth and also our zeal to up-cycle, but our girls have outgrown this coop and now have a bespoke build super roost.  We have just relocated our ladies to a new hen area, with 2 shelters, more room to range in and even their own chicken swing.

Snakehall eggs are available in our farm shop for a donation and our feathered friends are a great project for our Co-workers to get involved in caring for animals.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Snakehall Hall Farm Egg project or even adopting one of our girls we would love to hear from you.