People’s Millions 2014

lottery-logo-2014-1We are revving up Tilly Tractor and trying to contain the excitement but we can finally proudly announce THE PROSPECTS TRUST has been selected as an ITV People’s Millions special project.  We will go head to head with another worthy cause on Tuesday 25th November in a public vote. Think X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing but with more mud and less sparkles.  We won’t win if you don’t vote!

We could secPreserving Prospectsure £50,000 from the Big Lottery if you vote. This will fund a new catering kitchen for our Co-workers to take their harvested organic edibles to the plate. We hope to turn our green tomatoes into chutney, blanch our beans for a quick frozen bean fix in January and ensure that pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween with some inspiring preserves. Take a look at our story of the tomatoes to find out more.

So now we call you to action. We are looking for “Prospects Vote Makers” who can inspire others to vote for us on the 25th November. Perhaps you can give us your time to hit the streets with flyers, promote the vote in your local business or just email the voting numbers to your whole contact list? Take a look at our Vote Makers page for lots of information and downloads

Give the office a call on 01638 741551 or email us at to register as a Prospects Trust Vote Maker or to find out more.

We won’t have the voting telephone numbers until 9am on Tuesday 25th November, when the voting lines open, closing at Midnight with our Film appeal appearing on the ITV Anglia News from 6pm.  Calls with cost a maximum of 10p and you can vote up to 10 times per telephone number. There will be two numbers, one for landlines and one for mobiles. So if you vote once it will cost just 10p and you may help us scoop £50,000 for our fab farm. Of course if you phone 10 times on your landline and then 10 times on your mobile it will cost £3 but you will be rich in our thanks!

We will post the voting numbers on this website, our social media pages TillyTractor on Facebook and Twitter and through direct emails.


Kate Prout from ITV Anglia filming the Farm’s call to vote on 12 November 2014

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