Prospects Staff & Trustee Teams

Staff Team at Snakehall Farm

We have a vastly experienced, talented and dedicated team at The Prospects Trust. Every staff member plays a vital part in the daily growth of people and produce on the farm, with a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications our team help harvest the achievements of our Co-workers daily. We employ specialist Farm Support Workers and Personal Support Workers to work alongside our Co-worker cohort.

The Managers

Our small organisation is Co-managed by Maz Baker- Development Officer, Tom Cockerton – Garden Team Manager, Mark Cornell – Farm Manager  Rhian Cornell-Executive Officer and Deputy Farm Manager-Hannah Austin.

The Prospects Trust’s Trustees

The strategic direction and organisational governance is collectively overseen by our four Co-managers and our board of 8 Trustees.

Meet our Trustees:

DickDick McMullan joined the Trustees because he really believes in creating opportunities for adults with disabilities. Dick brings a wealth of experience in recruitment & personnel management to the Meetings and sometimes even comes to the farm by bike! Dick is a member of the Finance Sub-Committee and our Acting Treasurer.

SteveSteve Elstub is our very own Capability Brown. As Head Gardener at Clare College Cambridge, Steve has career background in Horticulture and a strong belief in growing produce organically. He feels that The Prospect Trust is an ideal land based enterprise perfect for giving people with learning difficulties an opportunity to develop their confidence in a friendly and supportive environment where all people have a say in its management. Steve is our Farm & Garden Team’s green fingered champion and is a Co-manager Supervisor.

Paul Hamer: joined Prospects ‘s Board Trust in late 2015. He was first Paulintroduced to the idea of becoming a trustee via a development program run by his employer, but since making contact with us last summer and meeting the team, he wishes he had become involved sooner! Paul has since volunteered to help run the ‘Projects’ sub-committee and utilise the project management skills developed through his career in facilitating the continued development and growth of the farm facilities. His favourite thing about supporting the Prospects Trust is being part of a fantastic well established team, all driven by the passion to make the farm experience as great as it can be. Paul is a member of the Projects Sub-committee and a Co-manager Supervisor.

MaggieMaggie Bending: has worked in services for people with vulnerabilities for many years, and currently works for a local Housing Association. Maggie was attracted to get involved with Prospects Trust  by the Trust’s co-operative ethos,  and the range of farming and other experiences available to Co Workers.  In these few  years the Trust has gone from strength to strength, and with exciting further developments on the horizon there could not be a better time to be part of The Prospects Trust. Maggie coined the phrase “Snakehall Farm is a magnet for niceness” which we all love to hear. Maggie is a member of Co-worker Experience Sub-Committee and a Co-manager Supervisor.

Daniel Durrant: has been Chairman of Trust since 2017, but a longstanding Trustee previously. Dan is an active member of the Projects Sub-Committee. . Dan finds being a trustee an enjoyable contrast to his day job as an academic researching urban planning and this background in planning means he is well placed to contribute to the projects sub-committee. Dan started out as a volunteer at the farm aged 18 and his academic work has always focused on the way the voluntary sector delivers services and ‘public goods’ so being part of the team at the farm is a chance to step down from the ivory tower and get his hands, and feet, dirty.

Margaret Kerry: Member of the HR Sub-Committee and Finance Sub-Committee. Margaret Kerry joined the Trustees because she so enjoyed talking to the co-workers when she toured the farm. She has a particular interest in the opportunities provided for adults with learning difficulties, who can often be left out of the great scheme of things. Margaret spent much of her career in education, and also has a finance and business background. She wants to see the farm grow and prosper at the same time as keeping its human quality which is what makes it so special.

Jane Kershaw

Jane Kershaw: has been a trustee at Prospects Trust since 2016.  Jane has worked in business, higher education and the voluntary sector, with particular interest in supporting individuals, teams and organisations to grow – very relevant to Prospects, where there is so much growing going on!  What she enjoys about Prospects is the exciting combination of opportunities for learning, organic farming and inspiring people. Jane is a member of the HR Sub-Committee and a supervising Trustee.

Andy Feather: Andy joined the team in the spring of 2019. He initially trained as a Unilever marketeer, and subsequently  went on to work for a number of International organisations,  taking established brands into new and developing markets. Ten years ago he moved into the social sector, and has been managing supporting living, and outreach services throughout that time , most recently with the Royal Mencap Society. Recently retired, Andy feels passionately about empowering people with learning disabilities, aspirations which are mirrored by the aims, and guiding principles of the Trust.