Tuesday Team


What’s the best thing about working at Snakehall Farm?

“All my friends are here” says Linda (second from left, middle row)

John (right, back row) just loves gardening!

“I like learning to drive the tractors” says Gareth (right, front row)

Kevin (centre back row) likes to drive the ride on mower

“I like building things, going in Tilly tractor and making bonfires” says Clarke (second from left back row)

Ben likes to use the power washer to clean Tilly the Tractor

“I like to help stock the shop. I also enjoy being the Recycling Officer” says Michael (left, from row)

Jonathan (third from right, back row) has been making lots of new friends

“I like working with my friends” says David (middle back row)

Anna (second from right, front row) likes helping out in the office, stocking the shop and being the post fairy!