Are you a weed or are you Farm Fit?

We have a volunteering “boot camp” with a difference starting this month at Snakehall Farm. Forget your lounge based Wicks workout or your daily Boris walk we can offer you a different way to get fit, an 18 acre farm needs volunteers to help weed and get ready for the big harvest of 2020.

We are an 18 acre care farm, but in light of the recent pandemic we have closed our farm gates to our co-workers (adults with additional needs) and are working on a rota based tiny workforce. Because of this, we are finding it hard to keep on top of the weeding and watering at Snakehall Farm. Being organic, we do not use any chemicals, which makes our veg taste great but the care of the crops is more laborious.

We are looking for volunteers to come in for a couple of hours a day, ideally in the mornings when it is not too hot in the polytunnels. We are all abiding by social distancing rules, so we would ask that our volunteers do the same. The idea is that we will set a task away from other staff and once completed, our volunteers can go home. We have all the tools and equipment necessary, but we ask that you bring in your own gloves, and wear good boots. Toe protectors would be ideal, but not vital, as we wouldn’t be asking you to use any tools that are deemed dangerous. We also ask that you bring in your own tea/coffee/water to avoid cross contamination.

Interested? Give us a call to find out our next available slot or email [email protected] for more details.