Co-worker TV during Lockdown!

We have created a page for our Lockdown films from The Prospects Trust for you all to keep connected. We will post a link below to our YouTube films fresh from the farm or unwrapped news direct from Unwrapped.

Prepare yourselves for this years Halloween walk on the 30th of October – make sure you book your raffle tickets now!
August 2021: Thankyou to all our volunteers on Nation Volunteering Day!
June 2021: Polytunnel Parnership
April 2021: Putting in Potatoes with Tilly and rotavating tunnel 7
April 2021: At Snakehall the sun is shining!
March 2021: Moving the raised beds & planting out
March 2021: What’s growing at Snakehall farm?
March 2021: Team B give the pond a make-over!
February 2021: Team B create pathway to new Hovel Build
February 2021: Chickens, rotavating and log delivery!
Prospects Parcels February 2021: Co-workers at home
Another Snowy Day at Snakehall Farm – Feb 2021
February 2021: What have team A been doing today?
Prospects Parcels February 2021 – How to Make your Bird Feeder
Prospects Parcels Feb 2021 – How to Make your Pancake
February 2021 – The Packing Room Spring Clean and other things
First week of February 2021 – What is Adam doing?
Today see what Tilly Tractor is busy doing!
Snow at Snakehall Farm brrrrr but so pretty
January Prospects Parcels delivered to your doorsteps
What have we been up to at Snakehall Farm? 25th January 2021
The first Farm Fitness “Green Welly Boot Camp” Film – Jan 2021
Fresh from the Farm 20th January 2021
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Fresh from the Farm Monday 11th January 2021
Happy New Year from Team B Friday 8th Jan 2021
Happy New Year from Team A – Wednesday 6th January 2021