Covid-19 & Co-worker Placements – UPDATE

We are pleased to announce after months of planning and getting our sites Covid-Secure we will be able to bring back our Co-workers to The Prospects Trust. From Monday 3rd August we will be offering placements to our Co-workers wishing to return to all their supported days with us or on a phased return placement with the aim to be fully open by September 2020 across all sites, Snakehall Farm and Unwrapped.

We have sent emails to our Co-workers (and/or their appointed contacts) with information about our plans to make their placements Covid safe while at The Prospects Trust. We know it is very different and at times worrying and we have made lots of changes to keep everyone as safe as we can. Here is a little film about the changes we are introducing at Snakehall Farm:

Welcome Back to Snakehall Farm August 2020

Co-worker Return to Placement Form needs to be read, completed and returned electronically as soon as possible to help us plan your placement and support needs from August 2020.

On Thursday 19th March we made the very sad decision to stop providing Adult Social Care Placements for a period of approximately 12 weeks both on our Snakehall Farm Site and within our Ely Shop, Unwrapped. We responded to the current Government advice that people with learning disabilities are in the AT RISK category and should social distance.

Our core reason for swinging open our gates back in 1989 and setting up our new shop in 2019 was to open up the world to people most often marginalised. In March 2020 The Prospects Trust lost its heart and its smiles as we said goodbye to our Co-workers for four months. But we have dug and we have grown and we will sow again with our much missed Co-worker team. Our shops have continued to trade and our fields are ready to be harvested by our Co-workers and our shelves will be stocked with their produce once more.

For 30 years we have proudly worked shoulder to shoulder with people with additional needs. For the past few months we have worked tirelessly to keep our small charity ploughing forward ready to welcome our most magic of workforce back where they belong. We are ready are you?