Covid-19 & Co-worker Placements

Today (Thursday 19th March) we have taken the very sad decision to stop providing Adult Social Care Placements for a period of 12 weeks both on our Snakehall Farm Site and within our Ely Shop, Unwrapped. We have responded to the current Government advice that people with learning disabilities are in the AT RISK category and should social distance.

Our core reason for swinging open our gates and setting up our new shop was to open up the world to people most often marginalised. Today The Prospects Trust has lost its heart and its smiles as we have said goodbye to our Co-workers for at least the next 12 weeks. But we will dig and we will grow and we will sow with our much missed Co-worker team. Our shop will still trade and we will ensure that our fields will be harvested by our Co-workers and our shelves will be stocked with their produce later this year.

For 30 years we have proudly worked shoulder to shoulder with people with additional needs. For the next few months we will try to make meaningful steps to keep our small charity ploughing forward ready to welcome our most magic of workforces back where they belong.

We have cancelled our Co-worker Placements for 12 weeks from 20th March 2020

Snakehall Farm & Prospects Unwrapped Co-workers: All Co-workers will receive a telephone call and followed up by letter informing you of our closure to supported placements.

Cambridgeshire Skills Training Packages: All accredited training at Snakehall Farm and Unwrapped is cancelled with immediate effect.

If we close our operations entirely due to enforced Government action we will announce this on our webpage and social media as soon as the decision has been made. We will also put signage up in our sites to inform visitors.

We encourage our Co-workers to Socially Distance:

The Government Guidelines on social distancing for vulnerable people clearly states “people with learning disabilities” it also includes many other conditions which may include our Co-workers. Full guidance can be found here:

We are actively encouraging any of our Co-workers to SOCIALLY DISTANCE if they have one or more of the conditions listed in the latest Government Guidance.

Co-worker Placement Terms & Conditions:

Our standard terms and conditions around placement fees are:

The Prospects Trust reserves the right to cancel a placement contract with immediate effect in certain circumstances. Such circumstances include (but would not be limited to) gross misconduct, failure to pay or persistent late payment or where information supplied in the application process is found to be incorrect or misleading.

A placement contract can be terminated by either party with thirty days written notice.

There is no provision for placement fee repayment for holidays or other requested time off.

The Prospects Trust is open for 50 weeks of the year and closed for two weeks for Christmas. Notice will be given of any closures that interrupts normal attendance.

Please notify the office as soon as possible where illness or other unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance. There is no provision for placement fee repayment in these circumstances. Failure to notify the office of any absence in good time will incur a 2 hour charge for Personal Support.

Long term absences will be reviewed after 4 weeks absence and on a case by case basis.