Covid-19 & Co-worker Placements – UPDATE

Latest News – April 2021

We are OPEN to onsite Co-worker Placements at The Prospects Trust. We have reintroduced placements at Snakehall Farm, Unwrapped and on our Garden Team.

What to expect at Snakehall Farm:

We are pleased to report that all of our Co-workers, staff, volunteers and customers are adhering to our Covid Risk Assessment and wearing face coverings while on our sites. We are able to provide Co-worker placements across all of our sites, our Saturday Volunteering Support Group and as an essential food provider our farm and shops are open.

We have sent information to our Co-workers (and/or their appointed contacts) with information about how we can work together to make their placements Covid safe while at The Prospects Trust. We know it is very different and at times worrying and we have made lots of changes to keep everyone as safe as we can. Here is a little film about the Covid Safe changes we have introduced at Snakehall Farm:

Welcome Back to Snakehall Farm August 2020

Prospects Trust Unwrapped has remained open throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns but we are pleased to say our Co-workers have returned, we will be offering more placements per day as restrictions ease and will be offering Retail Skills Training on a Monday from September 2021 in partnership with Cambridgeshire Skills.

Our Garden Team is back on the road and in our customer’s gardens! Again due to restrictions we are working the contracts with a smaller number of Co-workers due to numbers in shared vehicles but with our teams getting their vaccines and following our Covid-19 working arrangements we hope to increase numbers on these teams later this year.