Cuppa & Chat Consultations – 9th May 2019

Thank you to all our local supporters who attended the two public consultation events held in our empty shop front on a dull day in May with their bright chatter. We were inundated with offers of help, questions and general support that we have been busy ever since turning our business plan into a fully functioning shop in time for the Snakehall Farm Harvest. Thank you to all who attended, gave us feedback and joined our mailing list.

Thank you for your feedback on the stock you want to see in our amazing Refill Larder space. We will be offering dried goods and refill liquids alongside our fresh farm produce and your feedback has helped us find the right local and UK wholesalers to bring you these items plastic wrap free and affordable.

Refill Wall Stock Ideas from our Customers

From our surveys we have discovered everyone is supportive of our venture (but nobody was going to be rude to our faces right?) but more importantly we found that people want to shop locally and seasonally, which is fabulous for a farm shop that can stock direct from our fields. We also found out that local was more important than organic. We are lucky to be able to provide both options. Our shop stock will tick either “local” “organic” “sustainable” or “eco” or it won’t hit out shelves.