We use this page to update all Prospects Trust people on our latest response caused by Covid-19.

Photo of a Covid Sign at Snakehall Farm “Mask on”

As a charity that provides frontline care for vulnerable people; we are still operating under restrictive measures and to our organisation’s Working With Covid Risk Assessment. We can share our latest copy of our Covid Risk Assessment with anyone accessing our provision, services or support. Please email enquiries[@] for a copy.

From Monday 30th May 2022: we are no longer advocating Face Coverings to be worn by any Co-worker, customer or site visitor unless they wish to do so. All staff working outdoors (Snakehall Farm, Garden Team and outside Unwrapped) will no longer be asked to wear a face covering. All staff providing care to Co-workers in our inside zones will continue to wear Type2R face masks as part of our managing risk. All staff providing personal care will follow our PPE measures.

Anybody with Covid, or feeling unwell, will be asked to remain away from our day provision until they have recovered fully.

Any of our indoor zones are continually assessed, with doors, windows and air conditioning being used to maintain good ventilation.

All Prospects Trust vehicles carrying passengers will require all staff, volunteers and Co-workers to wear Type2R masks.

Our staff team are provided with twice weekly LFTs to do at home and our team are supported to stay away from the work place until recovered.

We are now operating under the guidance:

Covid Infection, Prevention and Control:

Covid Staff Testing:

We have found this page to be very useful in assessing how we work safely with Covid measures:

We thank all those who have shown their understanding, pledged funding & donations, guaranteed to pay for placements fees or contracted services even during lockdown and all of the customers who shopped local and boosted our income. We also wish to thank all the of Volunteers who came to our aid and all of our staff who dug deep, coped with the challenges and continued to smile under their masks.

For the latest NHS advice please visit:

For the latest UK Government advice please visit:

If you have any questions or concerns not answered by this page please contact us on 01638 741551.

We will continue to monitor local case rates, any organisational outbreak and take action if necessary.