We use these pages to update all Prospects Trust people on our latest response to the rapidly changing situation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have created detailed information pages for Prospects Trust Co-workers and their carers, Prospects Trust Staff & Bank Staff, Volunteers and Prospects Trust customers.

As a charity that provides frontline care for vulnerable people; we are facing an unprecedented challenge to our services.

We thank all those who have shown their understanding, pledged funding & donations, guaranteed to pay for placements fees in the case of social distancing Co-workers and for the many customers who are currently queuing in our shop in Ely. We are a small but resilient charity that has 30 years of experience and wants to be continue for 30 years more. Take a look at our ways to support The Prospects Trust during Covid-19.

For the latest NHS advice please visit:

For the latest UK Government advice please visit:

If you have any questions or concerns not answered by our webpages please contact us on 01638 741551.