Prospects Parcels

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund & HM Government we are sending Prospects Parcels to our isolated Co-workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is is just one of our ways to keep supporting people with additional needs.

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December 2020 Prospects Parcel

Merry Christmas and a very HEALTHY new year to you all. This month Farm Focused Support Worker Stuart and his woodworking Co-worker crew have been making “flat pack” snowmen. Not real snowmen made of real snow because this would just be a puddle by the time we got to deliver them to you but our lovely wooden ones we make and sell each year in the shops. If you have made these before at Snakehall Farm you are already a snow pro but if you need a helping hand watch Stuart and Jamie make theirs in the woodwork workshop: How to Make you Snakehall Farm Snowman

Wanna build a snowman with Stu and J?

To download you Christmas themed Co-worker Activity Sheet click here

November 2020 Prospects Parcel

This month we are sending out a Bake with Julie activity pack with our November Co-worker Activity Sheet. Watch Julie bake her cake in our kitchen at Snakehall Farm:

Bake with Julie!

To watch on YouTube click here

Don’t forget to come back to check your answers! We have asked Adam to see if he can complete the Activity Sheet for November.