A Potted History of Prospects Trust

007The idea for the Prospects Trust was sown in the 1980s. Some forward thinking social workers, families supporting young adults with disabilities and a few green fingered gurus came together to solve a problem: “how can we challenge, support and grow adults with disabilities in the wider world of work?”. The solution = The Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm.

Our socially enterprising charitable Care Farm was formed in 1989. We have been growing people and produce together ever since, from these early roots to the present day, we are proud to be “Growing Differently”.

The farm site was leased from Cambridgeshire County Farms Estate. The first farm office was a 1960s retro caravan and the only thing growing was weeds. Over the past decades, The Prospects Trust has sown, grown and harvested acres of smiles, achievements and abilities. The weeds are still growing of course but now among some of the tastiest edible organics in Cambridgeshire, and perhaps, beyond.