Prospects Postcards

The farm feels a bit bizarre right now. Our fields and polytunnels are missing something that makes Snakehall Farm magic. We are missing our Co-workers and we will miss them everyday until we can safely bring them back to THEIR charity.

Our very busy shop, Prospects Trust Unwrapped, which was created entirely to provide a place on the high street for people with learning disabilities, has lost our shining talent. Please keep shopping with us, we will try to keep our shelves stocked until the time we will all hear Anthony call out “next please” to our queue of loyal customers.

On Thursday 19th March, we took the unbelievable but morally right decision to close our Co-worker Placement provision at the shop, the farm and on our Garden Team until further notice, or until our charity funds run out. This decision was made entirely in light of Government Guidance, to ensure people with Learning Disabilities actively socially distance.

So now we will farm, retail and garden without our 65 amazing Co-workers. We are going to keep in touch by telephone and by whatever means we can during this unsettling of times.

We are now creating a daily “Prospects Postcard” to help send messages to our Co-workers, Volunteers and Customers to let you all know that The Prospects Trust will “grow differently” once more.

If you are a volunteer, customer or farm friend who wants to send our Co-workers your own version of a Prospects Postcard get in touch [email protected] or on our social media channels. Perhaps you are shopping, eating some of our produce or just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. #ProspectsPostcards #IamSOCIALlyisolating