Snakehall Superhero Skydive 2014

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Super Ron and his Snakehall Superhero Skydivers! What makes Ron so super? Well he’s only a very cool as a cucumber (organic) 85 year old skydiver. We couldn’t let Ron do the jump solo, 25 Snakehall skydivers took to the skies and raised money for The Prospects Trust and making our 25th milestone anniversary one to remember. Meet our brave (or should that be foolish) volunteers and find out more about their secret superhero talents. A huge thank you to all who sponsored our Snakehall Skydiving Superheroes and remember you can still show your support by donating on-line using the links next to their information:

Ron Cornell, the leader of the pack and at 85 years old his secret strength must be closely guarded or we will all want some! Ron is old school and has his sponsorship forms (yes forms) in his pocket at all times but for those who cannot choose who to donate to, Super Ron’s online donation page is just a click away.

Andrew Rice

Lewis Thake has yet to unveil his super power

Philip Ward must have been given a big push by our very own Garden Team Co-manager, Sarah?

Joe Rose is he jumping because he wants to or because his mum, our Farm Administrator, Sue told him to?

Steph Cason is jumping because her boyfriend is too mean to pay for a birthday present!

Heather Bath is jumping because Joe and Steph said she’d love it!

Rhett Parker-Dennison Is coming back from all the way from Preston to jump for the Prospects Trust

Patricia Harris, a farm shop customer and great supporter (along with her husband Ken) of the farm, Patricia needs a sponsored push so please donate today 

Victoria Fordham, Vicky can only blame Ken and Patricia for this challenge of a lifetime! Give Vicky a victorious donation at

Mark Allen aka Sharky, maybe a fish out of water on the 8th June when this BT Engineer downs tools and jumps for charity. His is using this skydive to celebrate a birthday milestone with a hole in it, lets hope there are no holes in the parachute Sharky! Help Mark make his mark and donate today or donate at Local Giving

Diana Cornell can only blame her Father in Law Ron for landing her in this challenge! Diana is clearly a chip off the family block and will be needing your support so please donate to Diana

Rhian Llwyd Elis, our Office Oracle down on the farm, Rhian’s super talent is knowing just where everything is in the office, something that nobody else on the farm seems to ever learn, that and she can speak Welsh. At least when she swears on the way down they won’t understand in Beccles! Nodwwr (or sponsor) Rhian

Gayle Fisher has requested to be pushed out of the plane by Hannah Austin, if she had a superhero talent it would be to mute her screaaaaammmmmmmsssss. Give Gayle a little push

Maz Baker, our funny fundraiser on the farm, who felt she couldn’t ask others to jump if she didn’t do it herself, Maz’s magical talents appear to be in getting willing volunteers doing silly things for Snakehall Farm. Give Maz a massive push or donate at BT My Donate at

Hannah Austin, is one of our very talented Green Team staff members at Prospects Trust, Hannah’s superhero strength is the ability to overcome her fear of heights! Bodes well for the 8th June. Hannah will not be going down alone as she has managed to recruit family ( Guy and Jeannie Austin) to join her FUNdraising efforts. Give “Haustin” a funding hand.

Emma Hunter loves a rum, now what shall we do with the drunken parasailor?

Marcus Fordham, help make Marcus jump

Paul Simmons has yet to unveil his super power

Well done our brave and courageous Superheroes – the whole 18 acres of Prospects Trust and all the Co-workers who grow there send you a massive THUMBS UP.