Shovel the Hovel – £30K for 30 Years

September 2019 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary of Growing Differently at The Prospects Trust with a massive Snakehall Farm Open Day. 100s of people attended and helped us raise the final £1000s needed to kickstart our new grand re-design of the hovel building.

We are welcoming back our local trusted contractors, Gary and Peter, to start of the renovation of the old Hovel into a fully accessible Tea Barn room for Co-workers attending Snakehall Farm. They hit spades to soil this September but with spiraling costs in materials and even more restrictions on our charity spend we still need to raise a bit more money or secure some donated materials. Can you help?

Our Hovel Appeal & Update September 2020

Help our project “Hovel along” and donate online or help us source the following items:

  • 100 Bricks
  • 50 sheets of 100mm x 38mm Celotex,
  • Timber,
  • Internal paint,
  • Plasterboard
  • Internal and External Doors
  • Windows