Shovel the Hovel – £30K for 30 Years

September 2019 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary of Growing Differently at The Prospects Trust with a massive Snakehall Farm Open Day. 100s of people attended and helped us raise the final £1000s needed to kickstart our new grand re-design of the hovel building.

Acres of thanks to our funders and supporters! The Shoveling of the Hovel has been made possible by the genoristy of many, from those who fundraised and sponsored the fundraisers, to each and every visitor to our Open Day in Sept 2019 and finally to our major donors including; The Cole Charitable Trust, Ely Rotary, Cambridgeshire Community Foundation ( Lovewell Blake Fund), Eric Drummond Mercer Charitable Trust, Newmarket Golf Club, Education Services 2010 and many others.

We welcomed back our local trusted contractors, Gary and Peter, to start of the renovation of the old Hovel into a fully accessible Tea Barn room for Co-workers attending Snakehall Farm. Have a look at how much Hovel they have already shoveled:

A quick look at our new Tea Barn Building at Snakehall Farm – January is our final fix
Co-worker D learns to plaster – The Prospects Trust making meaningful happen every day
Our Hovel Appeal & Update September 2020