The Office

Take a  step into the office (wipe your feet first please…at times on the way out). The Farm Office is where we store all the paperwork and the non-wellied staff too! We have a fully functioning office space shared by our whole staff team, it is small but well stocked with all the essentials of running a charity, a farm and a social enterprise.  We keep all our office essentials, charitable files and the odd “I don’t know where this belongs” thing too.

This year (2016) we have launched our Get OFFice Our Land appeal as we know this is one area of the wholeGet Office our Land farm site which has been woefully under developed.  We are proud to be a unique farm and we really do have a unique office.  Only at Snakehall Farm can we have an office that is damp yet dusty, freezing on the floor but sweating at the ceiling and has a nest of cables not birds!  We are fundraising and applying for grants to improve our office space on the farm this year.  We wish to improve the IT in our CharITy enterprise, re-wire the office, insulate, decorate and give the office a refit to make this area as organically blooming as the rest of the farm. Can you help?