The Tea Barn

At the heart of Snakehall Farm you will find our Tea Barn. It is named for its purpose….tea! The Tea Barn is our largest indoor space for our farming and gardening teams. Co-workers come to the Tea Barn at the start of their day, make their cuppas, store their packed lunches in the fridges and head off to the Boot Room to get their feet ready for the farm.

The Tea Barn is the community hub of the farm, it is where the Co-workers get involved in deciding who is doing what job on a daily basis. It is kept warm in winter with our log burner and cool in summer, a great place to meet new friends over the tea break or learn new things from each other over lunch. We also use this space for meetings and seasonal projects. It is a multi-use room put to good use daily.

The Co-worker’s finish their day in the Tea Barn too, coming back from the fields, polytunnels and customer gardens to update their Co-worker Goal Progress files.