Wheely Need a Van Funding Appeal 2015


We have been so busy growing we now need a new van to help take Snakehall Farm out and about. We need a new farm van that we can stock up with our organic produce but that has enough seats free so our Co-workers can pop on board and help deliver their wholesale harvest.  The van will have enough seats to take a small team of our Co-workers out and about. From deliveries, training events and off site activities the van will be used daily by our fabulous farm team.

We are looking to raise £15,000 to fund this essential new vehicle. We are busy writing to funders, donors and trusts to seek funding but are also hopeful for public donations via our localgiving page:  https://localgiving.com/charity/prospectstrustatsnakehallfarm

We hope to have an accessible multi-use van whizzing off the farm full of our organic produce and products by the end of the year…….watch this space.