Tilly’s Tastes – Recipe Card

Rhubarb Poo Pudding (aka Sticky Rhubarb Pudding)

Maz’s Rhubarb Poo Pudding

Maz, our Development Manager, loves a new recipe and this is her current seasonal fave fresh for the rhubarb season. Her daughter is a very honest food critic in the making and renamed the sticky rhubarb pudding as “Rhubarb Poo”. It has now stuck (its that sticky) and has become a Sunday feast finisher. Here’s our Tilly’s Tastes Recipe of the Season. Download the recipie card below.

Resound Cambridge Sing for Snakehall Farm’s 30th Anniversary Appeal

The Cambridge singing group Resound will be hosting a summer sing in aid of The Prospects Trust. As part of our 30th Anniversary £30K for 30 years Resound will be live at St Cyriacs Church, Swaffham Prior. Over 30 interweaving voices raised in heart opening and inspiring acapella harmony in the extraordinary acoustics of this ancient beautiful building. The singing will be from 5-6pm, followed by shared refreshments …. and more music….. Book your space at at Eventbrite.