Covid-19 & Christmas Break

Prospects Trust Covid-19 Confirmed Cases & Contact During Christmas Closure & Return in 2021.

As a Management Team we have reviewed the likelihood of our people testing positive or coming into close contact with an infected person over the Christmas closure. This page helps you understand the process we ask you to follow if this happens.

Key Dates for The Prospects Trust:

Last Day Snakehall Farm Garden Team Unwrapped
Staff 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020 24th December 2020
Co-workers 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020
Customer Contact Not applicable 22nd December 2020 upto 3pm December 2020 up to 2pm
First Day 2021 Snakehall Farm Garden Team Unwrapped
Staff Training offsite Tuesday 5th January 2021 Onsite Tuesday 5th January 2021 Saturday 2nd January 2021* TC to confirm
Co-workers Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021
Customer Contact Not applicable Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021

If any of our Staff, Co-workers or Volunteers are confirmed with Covid-19 or are asked to isolate due to contract tracing during our Christmas closure please email the following information to: [email protected] This email will be checked once a day throughout our closure. 

Please use the Subject Heading: Covid-19 Confirmed Case and complete all information below

Name of Co-worker  
Name & contact details of person completing the information:  
Date of Positive Covid Test taken and confirmed:  
Dates of Isolation period:  
Date last attending The Prospects Trust:  

We are planning on welcoming back all Co-workers from Wednesday 6th January 2021.  Any guidance regarding Covid-19 issued over the next two weeks will impact our service delivery in the new year.  At this time, unless further restrictions are implemented by Government or our Local Authorities, it is our intention to remain open to Co-worker placement provision across all sites (Snakehall Farm, Garden Team and Unwrapped).  If we move into Tier 3 we will work with our local authorities to remain open.  If we move into Tier 4 we will be expected to close all but essential provision.  Tier 4 will close most direct day provision unless on a case-by-case individual risk assessment however will move to remote support and virtual Co-worker engagement plans. All communication will be visible on this page.

If any Co-worker contracts Covid-19 over the Christmas Closure, or comes into contact with a positive case we ask you to complete the form above and ask the Co-worker to not return until we have risk assessed their safety and the safety of others.  Reporting any incident via Email will trigger the Managers to review and alert others that have come into contact.  We will work with Track and Trace throughout the Christmas site closure for the safety of all.

If any of our Staff contract Covid-19 or are asked to self-isolate we ask you to follow the same procedure as above.  Your line manager will be in touch before you can return to work. If we enter a different Tier Staff Bulletin will be posted onto BreatheHR, please make sure you can access this and check before traveling to your First Aid Training or place of work on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

If any of our Volunteers or Site Workers contract Covid-19 or are asked to self-isolate we ask you to follow the same procedure as above.  

If any of our Customers contract Covid-19 we ask you to follow the Government Track and Trace system.

#Social Distance Santa

“We know him!” shout the whole of Snakehall Farm! Last week we had a very special visitor, complying with the full PPE Covid Risk Assessment and creating a little Christmas magic for our Co-workers.

Social Distanced Santa at Snakehall Farm

Social Distance Santa has a full health check and donned his PPE especially to give our Co-workers their Annual Achievement Certificates, their Christmas Gift and a few treats.

Santa was supported by Buddy the Elf(dog) who failed to be a great help to the over worked Santa as he was more interested in the sausage rolls!

Buddy the Elf

Here are some of the photos of the Fella in Red meeting our Co-workers at Snakehall Farm, perhaps you can see your friends here?

Sending Christmas Cards differently this year?

We LOVE Christmas cards at The Prospects Trust but imagine the work of the Snakehall Farm internal postal service when 65 Co-workers send individual cards to 64 other Co-workers, volunteers, staff and sometimes even themselves? That is a lot of paper, handwriting and…..erm contact.

This year, ‘cos of Covid, we are doing Christmas cards differently. We have a special friend of the Trust who has designed these two special edition art works – one showcasing our very famous Tilly Tractor at Snakehall Farm and the other an Unwrapped “Canopy of Care” created as a mixed media collage even on recycled-repurposed card. We love them and we love our talented Farm Friends who always go the extra acre. Check out her work at NotestoTreasure on Facebook and Instagram.

Unwrapped Canopy of Care Mixed Media Collage
Tilly Tractor Wishes

You can now send these beautiful cards via the Don’t Send Me a Card website, perhaps donating the cost of the stamps or cards to your favourite charity (The Prospects Trust) at the same time?

Click here to Send an E-Card to your friends and family while supporting The Prospects Trust this Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Seedballs for you!

We really hope you like your little token of thank you? If you are one of our amazing Co-workers or super Volunteers who have recieved a little box of blooming magic this Christmas please DON’T EAT THEM they are not chocolates just a little box of flowers to sow and grow and make 2021 beautiful.

For more details about how and when to grow your little gift from The Prospects Trust and our lovely supplier visit:

The Art of “Trees”

Here at Prospects Trust HQ aka Snakehall Farm we love a bit of Corporate Support. We offer great corporate volunteering, sponsorship and acres of CSR opportunities for our local and national businesses to engage with. We have noticed that one visit is never enough and we are really grateful we have made some lasting links with good businesses doing even more good.

Even in these Covid times the goodwill keeps coming, we are so grateful to the team at Employee Volunteering for linking us up with Astra Zeneca (we didn’t stop them from working on their solution to rid us of the virus) in November 2020 as a think tank at ways we can be resilient in these challenging times. Yes Trip Advisor pages for Unwrapped is a must!

The Art of Flooring has been one of our officially “good” businesses and they have supported us for many years. Farmer Mark and his farm team want to create hedged protection around the open field plots, to help protect our precious organic crops but also to provide new natural habitats for our little creatures essential for our natural way of life. Art of Flooring loved this project, offsetting their carbon footprint by helping create a green and muddy foot print on our farm. Before lockdown 0.1 they donated trees with the hope of another team day digging in the fresh air on the farm, then Covid hit. We improvised and we are pleased to showcase Farmer Mark’s baubles on the trees and hedgerows we planted this year.

Art of Flooring create new green boundaries at Snakehall Farm

Shoveling the Hovel 2020

2020 has been a strange year I think we are all agreed? For all of us at The Prospects Trust 2019 was EPIC. We celebrated 30 years of our amazing charitable enterprise, supported over 60 Co-workers with additional needs at Snakehall Farm AND we even opened a shop. We marked our 30th anniversary milestone by boldly attempting to raise £30K for 30 Years in order to Shovel the Hovel and Make more room for tea!

Photo of Co-workers outside the Hovel before the renovation work
The Hovel in 2019

We (you) raised the £30K needed to entirely renovate an old dilapidated farm barn, the Hovel, our build was due to start in the spring of 2020 and be fully in use by now. However Covid happened and new, exciting, progression got sidelined by risk assessments, face coverings and washing our hands (lots). Here at The Prospects Trust we are not going to let a little global catastrophe like Covid dampen our can do attitude and we are pleased to report our Shovel the Hovel Project is back on track. In fact its nearly complete!

We will update this post with lots of lovely images, perhaps even a film, if we can stop washing our hands and wiping the screen of the Ipad, to show you just what great things we do with your grants, donations and support at The Prospects Trust.

Co-worker David learns how to plaster the new Tea Barn area for all of his Farm Friends

Thank you to every fundraising runner, corporate volunteer, trust fund trustee or grant officer who donated to this appeal. Thank you too to everyone who attended our 30th Anniversary Farm Open Day, our big community fundraising event of September 2019. Wow just think 2000+ people in a field dancing, hugging and using real money – that really was so last year!