BBC Radio Cambridgeshire helps Prospects Trust Swing into Spring

Tune into BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Gardening Programme this Sunday 07/03/21 at 10:30 am to hear all about the Prospects Trust and our plans to swing into Spring at Snakehall Farm, on our Gardening Team and at our shop in Ely; Prospects Trust Unwrapped.

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Our Strategic Development Manager, Maz Baker, will be talking about all the plans we have ready to grow lots of opportunities for people with additional needs at The Prospects Trust, including our Polytunnel Partners scheme for 2021.

Covid-19 & Christmas Break

Prospects Trust Covid-19 Confirmed Cases & Contact During Christmas Closure & Return in 2021.

As a Management Team we have reviewed the likelihood of our people testing positive or coming into close contact with an infected person over the Christmas closure. This page helps you understand the process we ask you to follow if this happens.

Key Dates for The Prospects Trust:

Last Day Snakehall Farm Garden Team Unwrapped
Staff 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020 24th December 2020
Co-workers 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020
Customer Contact Not applicable 22nd December 2020 upto 3pm December 2020 up to 2pm
First Day 2021 Snakehall Farm Garden Team Unwrapped
Staff Training offsite Tuesday 5th January 2021 Onsite Tuesday 5th January 2021 Saturday 2nd January 2021* TC to confirm
Co-workers Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021
Customer Contact Not applicable Wednesday 6th January 2021 Wednesday 6th January 2021

If any of our Staff, Co-workers or Volunteers are confirmed with Covid-19 or are asked to isolate due to contract tracing during our Christmas closure please email the following information to: [email protected] This email will be checked once a day throughout our closure. 

Please use the Subject Heading: Covid-19 Confirmed Case and complete all information below

Name of Co-worker  
Name & contact details of person completing the information:  
Date of Positive Covid Test taken and confirmed:  
Dates of Isolation period:  
Date last attending The Prospects Trust:  

We are planning on welcoming back all Co-workers from Wednesday 6th January 2021.  Any guidance regarding Covid-19 issued over the next two weeks will impact our service delivery in the new year.  At this time, unless further restrictions are implemented by Government or our Local Authorities, it is our intention to remain open to Co-worker placement provision across all sites (Snakehall Farm, Garden Team and Unwrapped).  If we move into Tier 3 we will work with our local authorities to remain open.  If we move into Tier 4 we will be expected to close all but essential provision.  Tier 4 will close most direct day provision unless on a case-by-case individual risk assessment however will move to remote support and virtual Co-worker engagement plans. All communication will be visible on this page.

If any Co-worker contracts Covid-19 over the Christmas Closure, or comes into contact with a positive case we ask you to complete the form above and ask the Co-worker to not return until we have risk assessed their safety and the safety of others.  Reporting any incident via Email will trigger the Managers to review and alert others that have come into contact.  We will work with Track and Trace throughout the Christmas site closure for the safety of all.

If any of our Staff contract Covid-19 or are asked to self-isolate we ask you to follow the same procedure as above.  Your line manager will be in touch before you can return to work. If we enter a different Tier Staff Bulletin will be posted onto BreatheHR, please make sure you can access this and check before traveling to your First Aid Training or place of work on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

If any of our Volunteers or Site Workers contract Covid-19 or are asked to self-isolate we ask you to follow the same procedure as above.  

If any of our Customers contract Covid-19 we ask you to follow the Government Track and Trace system.

#Social Distance Santa

“We know him!” shout the whole of Snakehall Farm! Last week we had a very special visitor, complying with the full PPE Covid Risk Assessment and creating a little Christmas magic for our Co-workers.

Social Distanced Santa at Snakehall Farm

Social Distance Santa has a full health check and donned his PPE especially to give our Co-workers their Annual Achievement Certificates, their Christmas Gift and a few treats.

Santa was supported by Buddy the Elf(dog) who failed to be a great help to the over worked Santa as he was more interested in the sausage rolls!

Buddy the Elf

Here are some of the photos of the Fella in Red meeting our Co-workers at Snakehall Farm, perhaps you can see your friends here?

Sending Christmas Cards differently this year?

We LOVE Christmas cards at The Prospects Trust but imagine the work of the Snakehall Farm internal postal service when 65 Co-workers send individual cards to 64 other Co-workers, volunteers, staff and sometimes even themselves? That is a lot of paper, handwriting and…..erm contact.

This year, ‘cos of Covid, we are doing Christmas cards differently. We have a special friend of the Trust who has designed these two special edition art works – one showcasing our very famous Tilly Tractor at Snakehall Farm and the other an Unwrapped “Canopy of Care” created as a mixed media collage even on recycled-repurposed card. We love them and we love our talented Farm Friends who always go the extra acre. Check out her work at NotestoTreasure on Facebook and Instagram.

Unwrapped Canopy of Care Mixed Media Collage
Tilly Tractor Wishes

You can now send these beautiful cards via the Don’t Send Me a Card website, perhaps donating the cost of the stamps or cards to your favourite charity (The Prospects Trust) at the same time?

Click here to Send an E-Card to your friends and family while supporting The Prospects Trust this Christmas

Canopy of Care Appeal 2020

Canopy of Care Promotional Logo & Image of customers and volunteers at the front of Unwrapped in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Click here to Donate on Local Giving

The Prospects Trust Unwrapped Canopy of Care project is going to create “more than just a place to sit” for the community of Ely & East Cambridgeshire. We wish to install a commercial grade canopy across our outside fully accessible seating area outside of Unwrapped, LuvEly’s Community Larder and Lighthouse Community Centre to enable our Co-workers, Customers and Community Groups to have a safe place to interact (at a distance).  Our Canopy of Care will be a physical hug of a cover to those suffering isolation during Covid.  We wish to create a well-managed safe place in the heart of Ely where people can still meet in the winter, outside and supported. Pre and during Covid-19 many Community support groups have used Unwrapped as a meeting point.  The Canopy of Care will cover our outside well-spaced seating to enable this vital human interaction to continue and make sure that everyone has someone to care for and be cared by. 

In Sept 2019 our local and very established charity opened a very new and innovative social enterprise – Unwrapped, Ely’s first Zero Waste, Eco-Refill Larder & truly GREEN-grocery. A year of trading and Unwrapped has put social enterprise on the Ely high street, with young people with additional needs at the heart of action, making the barista pro coffee, serving customers on state of the art tills and creating fantastic products from the shop and farm produce.  But imagine running a zero single use plastic refill store & farm food café in the middle of a Global Pandemic, its been interesting.  However what we learnt – we can survive this together.

Over lockdown we reduced the internal head count, created hand sanitiser stations, provided free home delivery to our shielding customers and sadly removed our internal seating to make room for “social distancing”. Our staff and Co-worker Teams were the first to wear face coverings in the City, making Covid precautions a new norm, vital as we support some of the most vulnerable in our society.  This summer we created a whole new outside seating area from donations, crowdfunding and lots of upcycling creativity. Our customers flocked to support our (their) enterprise; shopping local, seasonally, sustainably and supporting Unwrapped as we dare to retail differently. They even helped create the planters outside our seating area, help lay foundations and erect the benches, tables and give back their time and expertise to make it happen. All this was tricky while the sun shined – now Winter is indeed coming and we wish to create a little Canopy of Care to keep that warmth in all of our hearts. 

Donate a tenner and kick off our Crowdstarter, donate £20 to be our Crowdpleaser and if you can £50 to be our Chief Crowdonor! Keep it local, keep safe and keep happy at Prospects Trust Unwrapped – retailing differently since before Covid-19 and unwrapping more than just a place to sit!

Thank you to all of our supporters to date – we have already raised a third of our appeal total – lets make Lockdown worth something and have something to look forward to when we can meet up again!

The Snakehall Song 2019

We have just harvested something a bit different at Snakehall Farm and we want you to share the Snakehall Song as far and wide as you can. Do you think we could be Christmas No1 or get the Gold Buzzer from Ant & Dec?

Sing a long to the Snakehall Song or share the link

The Prospects Trust’s Co-workers and support staff came together, bringing with them their dulcet tones and awe-inspiring personalities, to sing The Snakehall Song, penned by Snakehall Farm’s very own singer-songwriter Adam Vaughan.  They practiced daily in preparation for a live performance at the 30th Anniversary Farm Open Day. The impact the song had on the audience, resulted in shouts for an encore and left our co-workers and staff elated.  Now Prospects Trust wants their Snakehall Song to go viral!

With each daily farm rehearsal, the co-workers’ (people with additional needs) confidence grew and many individuals, who were nervous about performing in front of a large crowd, pulled it off on the big day and overcame their stage fright.  The Snakehall Song is now captured in film and ready to go live. The Snakehall Song has been a fun and inclusive way to showcase the many different people who are part of an exemplary Cambridgeshire care farm & social enterprise that has been “growing differently” since 1989.

Adam, Support Worker and the farm’s music maestro said “it has been a pleasure and a delight writing a song with the Co-workers of Snakehall Farm.  It was a humbling experience helping Co-workers overcome their fears around singing and performing, seeing them learn the words and actions and creating our first musical masterpiece to celebrate 30 years of growing (and now singing) of The Prospects Trust.”

Hannah, Deputy Manager said “in the seven years I have worked here I have never come across anything that has unified the Co-workers, staff and supporters of the farm and brought as much joy as the Snakehall Song.  I am ready to perform it in front of Simon Cowell but they won’t let me leave Snakehall.”

The Snakehall Song project was funded by the DOSOCO Foundation, a local charitable foundation that supports music therapy, music access, music education and the innovative use of sound and music for social good.  The whole process was captured by the Snakehall Farm team on an iPad funded by The Devil’s Dyke Morris Men. These small grants and donations have helped make magic happen.

Development Manager Maz said “we have a great desire to make this song go bigger than the Sausage Roll Song last Christmas.  We are also raising funds for our 30th Anniversary year and are asking for people who love our song to donate to our £30K for 30 Years appeal, donations can be made online at:

Barista in Training

We have all the gear from Hot Numbers Roastery, including a state of the art coffee machine and the tastiest of beans sourced fairly and ethically. Now we just need to transform the milky foam into coffee art in time for service! Our new Support Worker Clare has been rehearsing for the Grand Opening this Wednesday 4th September.

Staff member holding a cup of coffee made on a barista machine

Snakehall Runners Success

Huge congratulations to Anna from the Garden Team and Linda from the Farm Team, on completing the Cambridge Half Marathon on the 3rd March. They braved the wet weather and hit the streets of Cambridge to raise money for The Prospects Trust’s £30K for 30 Years campaign. Thanks to their efforts we raised over £1200.00.

I caught up with Anna to ask how it felt to run the 13 mile race and she said ” it was an amazing experience. What made it for me was the encouragement from the crowd and the messages of support”

Times: Anna – 1 hr 55 and Linda = 2hrs 33
Well done to our Snakehall runners you did brilliantly.