With a little help from our friends

Mace Group Volunteers Get Shop Fit!

The Ely shop is taking shape thanks to 100s of donated hours from great corporate groups and our firm friends (you know who you are). This week the wonderful Steve, Rupert, Martin and Giorgia from Mace left no job undone! Farm friend Ken H has been on the tools from the day we turned the key, he has painted the place from top to bottom. Lots of support from the Lighthouse Community has meant that Manager Tom has been kept busy but also supported. We have transformed the abandoned space into a really retro retail space on a shoestring budget and lots of up-cycled furnishings. We cannot express our gratitude to all who have helped unwrap Prospects Trust Unwrapped.

We are still looking to fit out the Farm Food Servery, we need a new kitchen, sinks and catering kit. We can recycle pre-loved units, giving them a lease of life in our vital food hub. Offers of help to be sent to [email protected] or call the Farm Office on 01638 7414551

Unwrap your potential

Prospects Trust Trainee Placements are now available, starting from September 2019, we are bringing a new way to learn on to the high street of Ely. We are looking to recruit 20 new Co-worker Trainees to be our first cohort to gain accredited qualifications in retail and food safety.

Trainee Placement Poster

Take a look at our flexible training programme, with 2 day placements starting from £50 per week. Download our Placement Pack or contact us on 01638 741551 for more information.

Weigh in Weigh in – Zero-Waste Heavyweights in Ely

Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm has been the home of “naked” cucumbers since 1989. For 30 years we have never shrink wrapped our cucumbers and we have always sold locally grown organic produce direct to our customers in our little “veg shed” on the farm.

Now we are bringing our old idea to Ely. By September 2019 our Ely customers will be able to source their local, organic, eco and seasonal products plastic free in a brand new shop – Prospects Unwrapped.

We have just purchased the most amazing scales and till system to make this unpackaged way to shop easy peasy (fingers crossed). You will bring your own containers, weigh & tare, print label, fill and weigh again – then repeat! Don’t worry we will always have a helpful staff & trainee on hand to help.

We have also been donated this rather eye catching retro scale – as a feature of our shop! Don’t worry trading standards our new scales are much more accurate than this.

Unwrapping a Refill Larder for Ely

Refill Larder Takes Shape with Upcycled Scaffolding Shelves and a lot of DIY talent

Prospects Trust Unwrapped brings plastic wrap free shopping opportunity to Ely. The Refill Wall is starting to take shape in our shop front. It arrived by pallet (in lots and lots of wrapping – all being reused, re purposed or recycled) and took up the entire lobby of Lighthouse Ely.

Sorry Lighthouse Ely – Prospects Unwrapped promises to be better tenants once doors open!

Cuppa & Chat Consultations – 9th May 2019

Thank you to all our local supporters who attended the two public consultation events held in our empty shop front on a dull day in May with their bright chatter. We were inundated with offers of help, questions and general support that we have been busy ever since turning our business plan into a fully functioning shop in time for the Snakehall Farm Harvest. Thank you to all who attended, gave us feedback and joined our mailing list.

Thank you for your feedback on the stock you want to see in our amazing Refill Larder space. We will be offering dried goods and refill liquids alongside our fresh farm produce and your feedback has helped us find the right local and UK wholesalers to bring you these items plastic wrap free and affordable.

Refill Wall Stock Ideas from our Customers

From our surveys we have discovered everyone is supportive of our venture (but nobody was going to be rude to our faces right?) but more importantly we found that people want to shop locally and seasonally, which is fabulous for a farm shop that can stock direct from our fields. We also found out that local was more important than organic. We are lucky to be able to provide both options. Our shop stock will tick either “local” “organic” “sustainable” or “eco” or it won’t hit out shelves.