Brewing up a storm

Thanks to our local supplier and highstreet indie, Samovar Tea House , we will be serving an Unwrapped house blend of loose leaf tea. Samovar Tea House was established in 2011. They are an independent, family-owned speciality Tea house and café located at 23 Forehill, Ely.  They stock a vast range (over 100 types) of high-quality loose-leaf teas including many exclusive house blends created at Samovar. Samovar’s teas and herbs are imported from all over the world.

We are bring Hot Numbers to Ely! Hot Numbers state that speciality coffee is a movement – a drive for better coffee and a better living for coffee farmers. For coffee to be qualified as speciality, it must be graded between 80-100 points on a 100 point scale. To achieve this, coffee producers painstakingly hand pick and sort fully ripe coffee cherries. With all this extra effort in the supply chain to enhance flavour, Hot Numbers accept the responsibility as a speciality roaster to select exciting yet ethical Arabica coffee for your cup. Hot Numbers believe a great cup of coffee is a simple pleasure, but it is the product of many hands and a lot of passion. Come try a Flat White, Expresso, Macchiato, Latte & Cappuccino in a real cup in Ely!